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Rainbow Warriors

Great Spirit"When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying a  new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, and creeds, and who by their actions shall make the Earth green again.  They shall be known as Warriors of the Rainbow." Old Indian Prophecy.

"If there is ever a time where the needless consumptions of mankind are ravaging the Earth to sickness, killing vital habitats, and depleting sensitive resources now is that time.  If we as a people continue down this road of selfish greed, mindless exploitation, and wasteful consumption our future generations may not be allowed to continue.  As I view my country today I see how capitalism has destroyed our ancient traditions and our hearts so that we can rape the Earth of all her glory to make it our own.  There can be no glory found in the materialistic things of this world.  The Glory we seek is in our hearts and best shown when we humble ourselves before all of life and the many teachings it has to offer."  - Author of

Introduction is as a privately held website that is offered as a 100% free independent public service.  It’s purpose is to tackle global warming by promoting and facilitating ridesharing and carpooling as a solution which will help slow the effects of global warming, reduce traffic on our roadways, and provide commuters with sensible cost saving transportation alternatives.

Transportation Directly Contributes to Global Warming

Global warming, caused by burning fossil fuels, has become the most pressing and life threatening environmental problem we face today. Fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide accounts for over 80 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. To slow global warming we need to make changes in our daily life's which reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere. Local transit systems, park & ride, carpools, and ridesharing is a sensible solution we can start practicing today.

Any process that burns fossil fuel releases carbon dioxide into the air. Recent studies show transportation specifically contributes to global warming through the burning of gasoline and diesel fuel. In 1997, within the United States alone, transportation sources emitted approximately 31 percent of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion (or 460.4 million metric tons). Each day as the demand for auto sales continues to prosper we're adding even more carbon dioxide into the air and speeding global warming instead of slowing it down. Already scientists are claiming the damage we've done is approaching the point to being irreversible, if not already. For the sake of our future generations and the Earth's ability to sustain life we need to reduce emissions today before the effects it produces become irreversible.

Ridesharing is a Sensible Solution for Today

Ridesharing on our highways and interstates, carpooling locally, using public transportation is a sensible solution that can substantially reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Not only will these simple changes in our transportation habits reduce emissions but they hold many other benefits as well. If we don't take action now, by lowering our dependency on fossil fuels, we'll see within our life time substantial atmospheric changes that will threaten our agricultures, economies, infrastructures, and societies ability to existence. We must act against global warming today in order to save the future of life on earth.


Vision Statement is a comprehensive ridesharing network whose focus is on connecting individuals in a rideshare or carpool, while acknowledging individual safety and responsibilities. A well developed web based rideshare network underpins a two-way matching system that seeks to connect every person in a rideshare or carpool.  Honesty by participants is valued at all stages, and the rideshare board focus is on origins, destinations, personality, and compatibility. Personal privacy in a public forum is celebrated in all its forms. A huge range of communication tools enhances the competency of a rideshare match, and our ease of use is understood by common minds working in a vibrant society of cultures. The website is empowered by a well-thought and highly detailed custom software application using the best of today's innovative Web technologies, both in networking and program functionality. They too are valued as pivotal to our success.

The mission of is to provide efficient, effective, reliable, and quality rideshare matching services within the scope of membership participation, and to improve on the communication tools and networking services necessary to promote and successfully facilitate rideshare matching on a large scale basis.

The goal of is to challenge global warming emissions by providing transportation alternatives which help reduce traffic on our roadways, congestion in our cities, wasteful fuel consumption, harmful gas emissions, stress on our transportation infrastructures, and to foster savings in the cost of travel as an incentive for people to participate.

The approach has three pillars.

  • First, to make available the necessary communication tools and networking services needed to competently coordinate and facilitate successful ridesharing matches, maintains the only custom designed and most advanced web based rideshare matching service of any rideshare matching web site in the world.

  • Second,'s membership and participation policies are provided 100% free to encourage the private sector, states, localities, and non-governmental organizations to use carpooling locally and ridesharing over the highways and interstates. 

  • Finally, is committed to strengthening responses to carpooling daily routine commutes and ridesharing highways and interstates as a sensible and effective solution to global warming through continued development of its rideshare matching tools services, and real time network abilities.


Learn About Global Warming


Global warming, caused by burning fossil fuels, has become the most pressing and life threatening environmental problem we face today. Fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide directly contributes to global warming.  Any process that burns fossil fuel releases carbon dioxide into the air.  According to the EPA transportation specifically contributes to global warming through the burning of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Clearly, global warming is a grave problem. It will take everyone—governments, industry, communities, and individuals—working together to make a real difference.  We start by becoming aware of the issues.  To learn more please visit the following:

  Earth Institute at Columbia University on Global Warming
Research, Policy and Education The Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs
Illustrates observed consequences, as indicated by periods of unusually warm weather, coastal flooding, and changes in glaciers and polar regions.

Global Warming
Public information from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

EPA on Global Warming
Focuses on science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions that help address global warming.

NRDC: Global Warming
NRDC’s global warming site provides information on the causes and effects of global climate change, and offers solutions to the problem.

US National Climate Data Center
Answers to frequently asked questions about climate change.

There is much to read about global warming and what scientists fear regarding the effects.  Education is the key to slowing global warming.  For links to resources providing a wealth of information please visit my links page.


Awards and Recommendations

Rolling Stone gives credit to the Kind Ride Share!

"Rideshare It's worth stopping here to see if someone's going your way, but don't the 'Kindness' at this site coax you into thinking that every ride is a safe one."  David Malley, Rolling Stone Magazine, March 2003 35th Anniversary Special Edition entitled "American Icons," page 64. 

Punchline - Richmond Virginia's Online Urban Manifest is a weekly alternative music, art, and culture print magazine and website.  In Issue #231 the author advises students, "Go to This is a hippie-type rideshare website where you can get rides with people who will want you to share gas money. You can meet the person first to be sure they're not lunatics, but still use your smarts here."
4 Elements Award - On March 22, 2003 the Kind Ride Share received the Demiurgus of Content Award.  This an award that is given to websites with exceptional and 'Worldly' content that apply to the majority of the population.

 4th Elements Award

In addition to granting the above award the judges had this to say: 

Quick upload time, nice layout and ease of navigation. Overall, your site has a great concept! The idea of sharing rides is very cool and we praise you for creating a site that is useful. Hitch-hiking in the world is dangerous and people like you provide an alternative by offering a safe travel environment. This is also a great way to get people together and meet people from across the USA.

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Fewer cars on the road not only reduce pollution, but also save money. Average Americans spend over 20 percent of their income on automobile-related expenses each year. Driving less reduces wear and tear on your car as well as insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs.
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