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The City Guide is a directory service which lists traveler resources such gas vouchers and emergency auto care, temporary shelters, food banks, clothing pantries, medical help, safe overnight parking,  hangouts, low cost auto mechanics and so on.  Its purpose is to provide travelers with a means to share information in recourses and traveler assistance that might be helpful to others during their travels.

Share Your Knowledge!

If you know of any recourses in your community or have found resources while on the road please take the time to add them to the City Guide.

Since its début in September of 2002 not many have not taken the time, care, or initiative to enter resources for others to find.  After investing many long hours into the creation of the City Guide then witnessing how it is not being utilized I have grown to consider it a failure in my quest to provide travelers with effective and helpful networking tools.  Knowing how helpful the City Guide can be I have left this program in place, hoping some day it will grow and become a popular directory for travelers.  That day may never come, however, I remain committed in my efforts and will keep this service available for as long  as I can maintain the Kind Ride Share.


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Scout's Bulletin

Another unique service of the City Guide is the Scout's Bulletin.  This is a special bulletin board which appears at the top of your search results and provides important summary statements regarding the real life conditions of the city you search on, and up-to-date insider notes on issues which directly effect travelers of the same life style and travel habits.  All notes on the Scout's Bulletin are posted by people who recently visited that area and include updates on where best to park, camp over night, free food, clothing, and other resources in the area which provide help for travelers of all types.

Anyone interested in taking a more active role in the City Guide can do so by joining the Scout's Bulletin.  This is not the same as posting resources at the City Guide, though it is very much apart of the same.  The Scout's Bulletin operates to target information based on your life style and travel habits.  For instance, if you are a hitchhiker the Scout's Bulletin reports on information entered by other hitchhikers which pertain only to hitchhikers.  On the other hand if you travel mostly by passenger vehicle you will see insider notes specific to only those who travel by passenger vehicles.  

If you have current information into food banks, clothing pantries, traveler's assistance, safe over night parking, etc, or anything that can help travelers please lend us your time by posting the resource to the City Guide.

You must be a member of the Kind Ride Share before you can view special inside information entered by Scouts for the City Guide.

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Please do your part in helping to promote the Kind Ride Share by encouraging everyone you know to join and start sharing transportation resources on a regular basis.  Remember:

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