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Welcome to my links page, or better yet my Magic Gathering of Links.  This page is dedicated to conscious living.  If you know of a web site that you would like to see posted here please feel free to contact me

For those of you interested in learning about global warming I have a lot of links that might interest you. 

Treat one another with respect & appreciation.  Love the earth as your mother and remember, you are loved unconditionally by the forces which create and sustain life on earth.

In the Spotlight

This month In the Spotlight I have chosen to share with you "A Spiritual Journey." This web site is written and hosted by a very good friend I've known over the years who spends much of his time dedicated to the vision the Great Spirit has written in his heart.  Like me the author has the ability to do and be whom ever he wishes but chooses to lead a spiritually rich life instead of that which Babylon has to offer.

So, with pride and great respect I present to you:

A Spiritual Journey - Journey thru untouched, unspoiled creation. Remote mountains and canyons where The Spirit is Alive and Creation yet bears witness to the greatness, glory, and genius of The Creator, The Great Spirit, The One GOD and Father of ALL.

Treat one another with respect & appreciation.  Love the earth as your mother and remember, you are loved unconditionally by the forces which create and sustain life on earth.

Helping Hands and Travel Sites

The Kind Ride Share holds a great deal of compassion for those who are homeless, hungry, lonely, and/or who are suffering through hardship.  Below are links to other sites that are designed to help provide relief, information, access to resources, etc.  You are not forgotten. 

Street Level Canada - This is a Canadian website that was setup to help the homeless by offering a networking tools, discussion forums, and helpful information.  Recommended for reading.

Treat one another with respect & appreciation.  Love the earth as your mother and remember, you are loved unconditionally by the forces which create and sustain life on earth.

Communes and Intentional Living

If you know of any links which should be placed under this section please Contact me.

Yonder Farm - A Rainbow style community (this yonder family community is 100 acres of nice woods with plenty of livable shelters and camping spaces and is open to all peaceable people), want to be able to unplug from the grid and/or be able to turn others on to making a living (and having an income) working in this and/or other rainbow style communities.

Qumran Bet Community
Qumran Bet, Who Are We? What Are We and Where Are We? The physical Qumran Bet was born in 1992. Yeri & YahChannah purchased the property, which became the farm and retreat it is today. Over the years many have come to Qumran Bet for a refreshing from the day to day problems and pressures mankind faces.

Network For a New Culture
Designing a New Culture, with new paradigms for relationship with self, others, community, the world at large; and supporting personal growth in an environment of truth, honesty, sharing, and cooperation.

 Apha Farm Community
Alpha Farm is an intentional community of people who have chosen to live and work together to share a more harmonious way of living.

Twin Oaks Community
Twin Oaks Community is an intentional community in rural Virginia that is income-sharing, holds the values of non-violence, egalitarianism, and environmentalism and manufactures leisure furniture, makes soy products like tofu and tempeh, and indexes books.

The Homeport Collective
A site describing the Homeport Collective, A group of people in Bolton, MA living intentionally - the examined life

Whole Village
We are a group of people from a variety of backgrounds, singles and families who have come together to build an ecovillage, based on a cohousing model in conjunction with a biodynamic farm. Currently we are in the stage of planning our community. The community will include 30 homes%2

Duwamish Cohousing
Duwamish Cohousing is a new cohousing community in Seattle, WA, USA. Most households moved in July of 2000.

Heathcote Community
Heathcote is an intentional community in northern Maryland where friends and families strive to care for one another and for the natural systems that nurture us. We are working to create a permaculture demonstration site at Heathcote where we can model living sustainably in balance with the Earth.

PolyPioneers in Aotearoa 'New Zealand'
This is a simple 'home-made' networking, information and contacts site for people who are involved and/or looking for support in forming honest, respectful, long- term multi-partner relationships and families — in Aotearoa/NZ — with links to the growing polyamory movement and networks in many places and countries in the world !

 Academy for Conservation & Peace - a new University
This UNIVERSITY is based on the philosophies of deep ecology and sustainability. Located near the rainforest of Guyana (S. America), we will offer the following degrees: Renewable Energy Systems, Green Building, Activism, Non-Profit Management, International Economics- Fair Trade & Development, International Environmental Policy, International Conflict Resolution, and Humane Education.

GaiaYoga: A Sustainable & Holistic Community & Teaching
Located in a rural, alternative-lifestyle area on the Big Island of Hawaii, GaiaYoga Gardens is forming as a holistic teaching center, residential community, & sanctuary of natural living, beauty, & cooperative relationships. We’re passionate about teaching holistic-&-sustainable living skills & creating a day-to-day life rhythm that’s a balanced integration of Spirit, self, community, & Earth.

 Fellowship for Intentional Community
Intentional Communities (community, communes, co housing, coops...)

The VOL Community
The VOL Community is an spiritually oriented, egalitarian eco-community with no set teacher, faith, discipline, or doctrine. We seek to become as self-sufficient as possible by growing our own food, generating as much or our own power as possibly, and learning to co-exist with nature. Please see our website for more details.

Mosaic Commons: A Cohousing Village in Massachusetts
Mosaic Commons has been meeting actively since Jan, 00 and is in the planning stages of the cohousing process. We welcome new members to help us build our vision. Our group initially evolved from conversations among members of the Sudbury Valley School community in 1999, including families

Treat one another with respect & appreciation.  Love the earth as your mother and remember, you are loved unconditionally by the forces which create and sustain life on earth.

Rainbow Websites

The Rainbow Family of Living Light is spiritual movement which dates back to the 60's and has no members, it is not an organization of any kind.  Individuals who come together to represent the name of the Rainbow Family do so on their own initiative and are not to be considered any official representative of the Rainbow Family.

If you know of any links which should be placed under this section please Contact me.

Region 16 - We are a website honoring the tribal, nomadic lifestyle of the Rainbow Family of Living Light. Whether you are driving, hitchhiking, train hopping, or traveling by bus or plane, Region 16 can help you get down the road.

Grandpa and Grandma's Kitchen -  Grandpa and Grandma feed on the streets in inner cities throughout the United States, at Rainbow Gatherings, Rock Concerts, Festivals and big events that draw large numbers of homeless youth.  Grandpa and Grandma go everywhere. They serve food and love with an unconditional hand and treat each person equally as they other. It is not necessary to be without food, have any other physical need, be lonely, feel rejected or in search of a real purpose and meaning in life at any event where Grandpa and Grandma are present. You can get your needs met at Grandpa and Grandma's. It does not matter what culture you embrace. It does not matter from which background you may come. Your creed, religion, race or gender does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you get your real needs met. No strings attached!  The Kind Ride Share lovingly support Grandpa and Grandma and thank them with utmost post respect and appreciation for their sacrifices.

Jesus Loves You - This is a Christian group who travels to many regional and national gatherings.  They bring with them the gospel as food for the spirit and plenty of love.  Jesus Loves You is an entire camp that is totally self sufficient and often donates quantities of food to the other participating kitchens at a Rainbow gathering.

Alaska's Rainbow Family Homepage - Offers some information into the Alaska family.  

Arizona Rainbow Family - Offers information into the Arizona regional families and gatherings.  

CALM - CALM is the tribe of people at the Rainbow Gathering who are entrusted with setting up public health and sanitation systems and with providing health care for Family members during the Rainbow Gatherings.  Visit them on the Web to learn more.

Crystalhawk's Rainbow Family of Living Light Page - This is a very nice page offering some real quality links to information regarding the Rainbow Family and the various clans.  You are encouraged to visit this page when you find time.

Dixie Region 4 Rainbow Families - The Dixie Region Web site offers links and information into the Rainbow.

French Rainbow Family of Living Light - The globalization of the Rainbow Family is expressed by the French.

Glossary of the Rainbow Family of Living Light - This is a glossary of Rainbow terms as written by Michael I. Niman in "The Rainbow Family; An Ethnography From Within," a Ph.D. dissertation currently archived by and available from University Microfilm International (UMI).

Golden Lion Temple - The next stage in the evolution of east-west spirituality. Think Hare Krsna 2.0 version 420. Finally something to stand for.

Illinois Rainbow Family Home Page - Offers some information into the Illinois family, contacts, and a guest book.

Jay Dreaming Rainbow Gatherings - This site offers many links and provides information regarding Rainbow Gatherings.

KenoshaRainbow (Wisconsin-Illinois Family) - This site is devoted to the Wisconsin-Illinois area, that we may grow together locally, and strengthen our family bonds. In securing a good foundation locally, we are helping to substantiate our world community as a whole. 

Los Angeles Area Rainbow Forum - This is a news group for the L.A. area Rainbow. 

Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering -  The Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering 2004 is an eleven days event from 6.8.2004 - 16.8.2004 for all who want to be together in the aspiration for a better future of love and peace, in the new consciousness atmosphere and the beautiful land of Mirapuri - the City of Peace and Future Man in Europe, Italy.

The Middle East Rainbow Family of Living Light - The Rainbow Family has spread its wings globally.  Here Israel's Rainbow Family.

New York Rainbow - This is a really nice Web site offering a wealth of information into the Rainbow Family and clans in the New York area. 

Peace Tribes - PeaceTribes hOMepage is an independent project of concerned individuals interested in sharing perspectives and information concerning peace, ecological restoration, cultural understanding, Gatherings and related subjects.

Philadelphia Area Rainbow Family - The Philadelphia Area Rainbow Family of Living Light invites one
and all.  

Rainbowstop Shoppe * A Peace Community - This web site offers Peace Flags and Merchandise plus news and a community forum for folks of the Rainbow Family.

S.C.R.O.L. - Southern California Rainbow Family of Living Light unofficial homepage offers information into area pot lucks, campouts, and gatherings. 

Sisters and Brothers of North America - This is one of those MSN news groups.  It is good resource for information and includes photos, a message forum, ride share, poems, songs, and a lot more.

The Rainbow Family Tribe - This is a very kind virtual cultures & community tribe that offers access to a large network of  discussion forums.  Tribes in this network as of May 27 include Peace (190 members), Soul Touching  (223 members), Herbalists (221 members), Hot Springs Eternal Tribe (245 members), GAIA - the earth is alive (320 members), Earthdance Internationalists (168 members), intentional community (200 members), Alex Grey (290 members), and the Planetary Art Network (165 members).

Rainbow Info - Great site, lots of information, and surely published with great love and care for the family.

TexasDrums Community - Texas resource site into the Texas Rainbow Family of Living Light.  This site includes links and information regarding the annual East Texas Rainbow Regional.

Welcome Home - The unofficial homepage for the Rainbow Family of Living Light.

Treat one another with respect & appreciation.  Love the earth as your mother and remember, you are loved unconditionally by the forces which create and sustain life on earth.

Conscious Living

If you know of any links which should be placed under this section please Contact me.

Meta History Quest Metahistory is the quest for a future myth about humanity, a story of our own making that aligns our hearts and minds to intimacy with Gaia, the living earth.

One Spirit Project Facilitating personal growth, empowerment, and spiritual enlightenment, through contemplation and discussion.

Pure Technologies Ozone System - Ozone is extremely activated oxygen and will destroy microorganisms while acting as an excellent deodorizer and allergen suppressant!  The advantage of Ozone is that it is a gas which will penetrate into the areas that cannot be reached by ordinary deodorizers!  Ozone is 1000 times stronger in purifying water and air than any other chemical found in your ordinary cleaners.  Ozone is considered by the scientific community as the most effective and safest purifying agent known!

Soul Invitation Home of Implosion Group's reprints of Dan Winter's Sacred Geometry writings.

The Center for Consciousness Studies University of Arizona promotes open, rigorous discussion of all phenomena related to conscious experience. The Center organizes conferences, on-campus lectures, web courses, and hosts visiting researchers.

Victor Zammit A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife.

Treat one another with respect & appreciation.  Love the earth as your mother and remember, you are loved unconditionally by the forces which create and sustain life on earth.

Interesting Reading

If you know of any links which should be placed under this section please Contact me.

Common Man - Here's an interesting site which belongs to a personal friend of mine.  He is very political in nature but have one of the biggest hearts I have ever found in a person.  This particular page is a flash presentation regarding President Bush.  Check it out when you have the time.

From Babylon to Wisdom by KEN PICARD, Photos by CHAD HARDER.  This is news reading regarding the 2000 Montana National Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes and shows some good photo shots.

Infidel Guy - Rational radio and debate :: Critically examining what you believe is true.  This is an atheist website that was suggested by a visitor who wishes to challenge your mind.  I visited this site myself and spent time watching their internet television.  I found it interesting and worthy as offering yet another alternative point of view on life and its happenings.

News story about Montana Gathering - This is a news article printed in the Missoula Independent news paper about the national Rainbow Gathering in Montana.

The 861 Evidence - This web site provides information about the United States federal government income tax.  Read it and learn.

Treat one another with respect & appreciation.  Love the earth as your mother and remember, you are loved unconditionally by the forces which create and sustain life on earth.

Other Links - Everylist is a simple, but powerful idea which provides you a way to communicate with people around you.  The idea is worth our support and the more we spread the word around the more useful the site will become.

Department of Peace - website functions as an "autonomous and self-organizing system" with Peace as it's organizing principle and is based on the Department of Peace Bill HR 1673 introduced by Dennis Kucinich. 

The Joey Lawson Memorial Fund - Depression can be a serious thing in a person's life.  Sometimes it is so serious that people take their life.  From my personal experience working with homeless youth throughout all of the United States I have found depression to be one of the underlying causes to their drug and alcohol consumption.  The Joey Lawson Memorial Fund is dedicated to Joey Lee Lawson, who took his life on July 02, 2001 after suffering from depression. His family has setup a memorial fund that will assist residents of Williamsport and Attica, Indiana who suffer from depression and need financial assistance for medical treatment.  If you can make a donation it will be put to a good cause.  If not please show your support by sending words of encouragement.

LadyBear's Den - This is an interesting site full of links which positively promote peace and freedom.  Ladybear had did such a wonderful job collecting her links and I wanted to share them with each of you.  So do I have your curiosity?  You'll have to check it out for yourself.

MANIFEST RHYTHMS - I and I craft Nayabinghi Drums and have Goat skins for sale. We are also working with Richolite, a rare stone that is local to us here in Southwestern New Mexico.  Visit I and I at our website for pictures and information.  We are also sending a shout out to family who may be in the area, and are willing to share their knotwork skills on Richolite necklaces. We are willing to provide the materials, and pay cash for each piece of work. Lets link up and be creative!
Create Positive Vibration, Manifest Rhythms.
Peace & RENDER LOVE unto JAH every day.

Poverty Relief, Human Rights and Peace - This is a website for 'poverty relief', 'human rights' and hopefully for peace, primarily for the ‘developing’ world (Latin America, Africa and Asia). - These kind fold support the development of communities dedicated to personal freedom & independence via the practice of technological innovation & creativity in the crucial dual areas of Primitive Technology & Appropriate Technology ... is a web portal providing comprehensive access to a myriad of digital resources for proponents/adherents of both primitive indigenous & neotribal cultures.

Traveler's Launch Pad - This a traveler's online magazine that I found to be quite interesting.  After surfing this site I find it well put together, easy to surf, and informative.  It's worth your time to stop and check it out for yourself. -  This is a good resource site which provides links to barter fairs that are located mainly in the Northwestern states of the US.  Barter fairs are a great outsource for those who base or seek extra income through hobby items and trade goods.

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