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Lost or Stolen Dog


Female Australian Dingo Red Sheppard


Last seen on Monday, Feb 14, 2005
Snell Ave. & Capitol Ave.
San Jose, CA


Lucky Dawg

KRSNET ID#: CA1108674694

Type Breed:  Mixed

1st Breed: 


2nd Breed: 

Australian Red Sheppard


23 mo (1 yr, 11 mo)



Color of Coat: 

Black & Amber Red
Eye Color:  Brown
Eye Lid Color:  Black
Face Color:  Red & Amber
Back of Ear Color:  Black
Tail Length:  Medium Long
Tail Color:  Black
Temperament:  Well trained, listens to voice commands, friendly towards people, playful, non-aggressive, high energy, barks at other dogs, chases smaller animals.
  Lucky Dawg was last seen in the area of 3637 Snell Ave, San Jose, California 95136 near Capitol Theaters.  She is described as a lean and slime short hair medium sized k-9 who is approximately 65lbs with brown eyes and a medium length color black long hair tail.  Her face mask is similar to a Sheppard's: primary face color is red, secondary face color is amber.  Her ears are firm and naturally pointed, primary shoulder to tail color is black, secondary amber.  Her tail is natural length, size medium long, primary color is black, secondary color  amber.  Lucky has a high energy, friendly, and play personality and likes to greet new people.  .  

IF FOUND CALL (408) 226 - 1338

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