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Welcome Here Family!  The 2006 North American Rainbow Gathering (July 1 - July 7) will be in Colorado.  For information regarding regional Rainbow gatherings please call the Light Lines, check out the Message Board, and/or visit  For general information regarding Rainbow Gatherings click here.

This Special Message to All Scouts please keep in mind a Kind and Caring Gathering will have: Good Water - deep springs or well protected surface - enough to fill the drinking, cooking, and washing needs of hundreds or thousands of people. They should be at a 200 feet distance from any main camp, compost or latrine to prevent contamination. Open Meadows - for people, councils, workshops, etc. Keep meadows clear of individual camps.  Firewood - Lots of dead wood lying on the ground, for kitchens and friendship circles. Standing dead wood does not qualify as it should be left standing to fall on its own.  Parking Space - Large enough for expected cars and vans, within reasonable walking and shuttle distance - but separate from the holding camp. Alternatives for the young children, elderly, and handicapped should be established. For optimum peace and safety, allow only supply and emergency vehicles into the holding camp.  Only One Road - or as few as possible. You will want one road for ambulances and heavy supplies, but you don't want easy access for personal scenes. Conversely, don't set the site at the end of a dead end road. Place it on a thru road so there is both front and back gate access. No one site will have all these equal abundance. Look for a balance for all these needs.

1.  Jen (Brtitish Columbia)  

December 7, 2005

     I'm looking for family in San Diego. I need places to stay from Jan 14th to Feb 6th, 2006. I will clean and cook as a work trade! I also have lots of music to share. I'm also looking for drummers, as I will be attending a 3 week djembe workshop during my stay. Thanks!!!
2.  randal pink (West Virginia)  

November 17, 2005

     I'm looking for family in seattle, So write me back brothers and sisters. loveing you-xoxoxo
3.  sparkles (Florida)  

November 16, 2005

     Hello Family,
I was wondering if there is any family around the gainesville area. I cant Get back to the gatherings but would like to know of any drum circles or anything else going on. Please help i miss the family
4.  joker (California)  

October 20, 2005

     anyone seen mynizzle and rosa
5.  Ollie (North Carolina)  

October 14, 2005

     Hey yall. Wondering where the fall gatherings are. I'm up in the blue ridge right now and looking for some adventure....holla
6.  shannon (Florida)  

October 4, 2005

     Hey everybody, I'm trying to find out where the nearest gathering is gonna be this year to florida. I'm gonna be a mommy in about three weeks, so I'm having to plan WAY ahead for the trip, if anyone can help me out it'd be great, it's gonna be my first gathering and I'm really looking foreward to it. Thanks to all who can help.
7.  Lital (Georgia)  

September 22, 2005

     Has anyone seen a cat named BENJAMIN or
8.  clovercharm (Arizona)  

September 12, 2005

     Hello Family was wondering if anyone new where there was a gathering close to Arizona anytime soon. I met my wife now at a gathering in Florida in Feb 2004. We are planning on going back there next Feb. but are looking for someplace new to meet new family, and experence more great times together. I hope to met more family here on line and someday travel.
9.  digger22 (California)  

September 10, 2005

     hy family this is a good kid lookin for a lost freind his name is ka ka ka chris if found please email or tell him that i see him in flordia me and jonzzer ar not together any more so i am free for any thing also lonking 4 familey going to florida from cail
10.  looking4russett (Ohio)  

August 10, 2005

     Dont know if anyone can help me or not. Im looking for my brother he last traveled to sturgis sd to do some work at the bike rally. His name is Russett or Ernie. He travels usually with his girlfriend Betsy and his dog. Probably others but not sure. If anyone can help please contact me. No one has heard from him in 3 weeks. Thank you.
11.  Chaz (California)  

August 8, 2005

     Hello Family,

I need help paying the web hosting fees for for the last three months before the web host shuts off the account. If you can any at all please click on the PayPal donate button shown on the right of this page.

Thank you,

12.  brother Bear (Utah)  

August 7, 2005

     greetins N luvinu Familie! with next yrs gatherin in Co. Id like to Throw up a full blown Kitchen. With a ROCKY MTN THEME. Folks in the Rocky mtns, (Im in SLC Ut) with Equipment/skills to share lets hook up eh? Id like to do something kind of serious like, roast a couple Elk's or the like. Vegan Kitchens are a dime a dozen n we love you guys, but we know fm past exper. that a carnivoruous camp's appreciated as well! wanna run the gambit- main course to zoo-zoo's and an oven. 1/2 a dozen real players could make this happen! Im thinkin Ive got abt 65-70% of the infastructure.. lookin 4 lg tarps, an oven expert, folks who like to build things out of bigsticks... mabey a H20 guy! Fellow hunters with a line on extra flesh to burn give a ring! Anybody interested in
13.  RedElk (New Jersey)  

August 2, 2005

     Chaz with the patchy hat? Are you in here bro? Shoot me an email man... I need to talk to you.

14.  stikboy (Pennsylvania)  

August 1, 2005

     Hey yall its Stik on the eastern front trying to shout out to CHAZ the man. I'm here hangin out with John MOTHA FING Ryan doin the road dog thang. Hope to see ya again chaz..were on our way back to cali here soon. EMAIL ME MAN JOHN RYAN LOVES YA
15.  Leif (California)  

July 31, 2005

     jermery, shasta where are you. im sooooo bored. i could really use some fun guys. hope ya see this. peace like a river or sumpthin like that
16.  Jazz (Oregon)  

July 24, 2005

     Just wanted to say HEYYY and LOVIN YOU and MISSIN YOU to all the kids that made it out to the WV Gathering- it was a good time, though a bit weird. Never seen so much booze right in the main gathering... it was like A-Camp gathering. I think the locals bought a lot of that in... but they were still fun. I Od'd on ganja food on the 4th, hehe. See anyone in So. Cali in October?
17.  Jazz (Oregon)  

July 24, 2005

     Anyone wanna travel? Going to Arcata, Cali here in a bout a week to meet someone, and then might bounce around the West- slowly- until the Rainbow Regional in October, MAYBE burning man (I am using rideshare for transportaion.).... if anyone is bored and up for an adventure this summer/ fall... you can drop off whenever/ wherever you want... Cneck out my details... yeah.
18.  dave (Massachusetts)  

July 20, 2005

     I live in the boston area and want to organize our family so we can have many fun stuff to happen.There used to bread and jams on the cambridge commons,If anybody remembers out there remembers it.Wow wasn't that fun.All the drummers were kicked out because of the city ordinance they passed.I also remember the beanbow events that happened in the boston area a while back .I went to many of those events, but it seems like recently,[almost 10 years]nothing has happened .I want to get the spirit going! please if you live near boston call me at1-781-255-0696 I want to get things going again.WE need more organized familyLOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
19.  wade zev (California)  

July 19, 2005

     I have just bought a school bus i am converting to a mobile home, and am having a hard time finding someone to insure it. so to all bus
owners out there....where did you get auto insurance from?
20.  RIVER (Illinois)  

July 15, 2005

     Looking for people to travel with. Going to any show I can hopefully 10,000 lakes, and after that at the Grateful Garcia Gathering in Wis. after 10,000 your can go there right after and and chill until it starts for only 15 a head. Will help with gas and I get along with everyone.

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