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Kind Ride Share! Got a Ride? Need a Ride? Let's Rideshare!

Ride sharing is a sensible solution to help slow global warming!


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Got a Ride? Need a Ride? Let's Share!A rideshare (ride share) is a sensible solution that is working to slow global warming by reducing traffic on our roadways, congestion in our cities, wasteful fuel consumption, harmful gas emissions, and it promotes the idea of sharing existing transportation resources.  In a ride share (rideshare) others can help bring down the cost of travel by chipping in on expenses, the stress of driving is made easier with good company, and we're acting responsibly by managing exiting travel and fuel recourses.  Ridesharing also reduces the amount of time spend traveling by allowing commuters to take advantage of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) or carpool lanes.  Using HOV or carpool lanes commuters save, on average, one minute per mile they travel and rush hour becomes easier with less traffic.  So come on folks, let's rideshare today!

To help slow global warming always encourage others to use alternative methods that do not produce harmful emissions.   Also do your part to encourage your friends and family to park and ride, carpool, and rideshare (ride share) on a regular basis.  For local transportation needs please use city buses, park and ride, and/or carpool.  For long distance traveling from city to city, state to state, or continental travel, rideshare.


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Mission Statement and Goal

Ridesharing is a sensible solution working to slow global warming


The mission of is to provide efficient, effective, reliable, and quality rideshare matching services within the scope of membership participation, and to improve on the communication tools and networking services necessary to promote and successfully facilitate rideshare matching on a large scale basis.


The goal of is to challenge global warming emissions by promoting ride sharing as a transportation alternative which helps to reduce traffic on our roadways, congestion in our cities, wasteful fuel consumption, harmful gas emissions, stress on our transportation infrastructures, and to foster savings in the cost of travel as an incentive for people to participate.

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